RMK Spray On Concrete specialises in providing exceptional quality concrete solutions to a broad range of clients ranging from concrete resurfacing, concrete repairs and concrete sealing.

Concrete Resurfacing

Is your poolside, driveway or outdoor patio starting to look dated? We’re specialists in breathing new life into your outdoor space, by turning your dated concrete areas into beautiful works of art. Our solutions utilise the existing concrete surface and resurface the area with new coverings – ranging from stencil patterns and colouring, right through to stamped impressions.

Concrete Repairs

The structural integrity of your home or commercial building starts with a concrete base. RMK Spray On Concrete specialises is diagnosing and repairing concrete damage in both residential homes and commercial buidlings. Our highly skilled team of technicians have years of experience, ensuring the structural integrity of your property is maintained.

Concrete Sealing

Dirt, dust and general debris slowly build up on concrete surfaces, causing your concrete areas to look pale, dated and dirty. Our concrete sealing solutions are perfect for clients looking to add a fresh, new look to their space. Our quality concrete sealing services don’t only bring a fresh new look – they also seal your concrete against stains, debris and other nasties.

Spray & Stencil Resurfacing

If you are looking for a value for money way to transform your dull, grey concrete areas into beautiful works of art, then look no further than our popular spray and stencil resurfacing solutions. Our quality spray solutions transform your areas with elegant designs, textures and patterns. Our stencil solutions introduce decorative design by blending ornamental elements.

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